heres a simple fact “your being lied to” not by me, not by your best friend but yet the government. they hide things deep in the dark, deep underground so no one can find them. heres another fact “demons, ghost, angels are all real” and another “aliens and other worlds that are truly free too” want to know more like for example “someone in America found the cure to cancer and the government killed him took the research and destroyed it” want to know why, power, that’s why, all because of power and money, reason why they keep things from you, power, reason why they take things from you and say they own you, power, they say you live in a free country they lied, no one is free with a government, now you must all be thinking “this girl is nuts, she got big problems” well do I really or have I just found something out faster them the likes of the human brain. look at our world, its falling to pieces because of war, money, poverty and the decisions of the government. why is there war, because the government want power, why is there money, because the government wants to watch our very lifes, why is there poverty because they government feeds off of it.  yes there is some good with in the government like laws but laws are going to be broken, people die everyday, people get put in jail and they are treated better then elderly that are in homes, for power, they want power, they don’t care for us, they just want to rule over us. they keep things from us, like for example there are humans in this world that can do things people would call crazy, facted “humans use 10% of there brain, yet some use 15 to 20% these humans can do things like see the future, move things with there mind and more” people like this are real, they are all around us, one might be your best friend, or your own mother or father. but the government claims it as crazy and puts them in hospitals, because they are scared of them, they drug them to keep them silent, they even kill some of them. heres another fact “1 and 10 of those types of people work in places like the FBI” they turn them in to tools to find and rule people with fear, everyday a new person like this is born, the population of them are growing, meaning a war is coming. humans think they are strong, they are free, they are just heres a fast “they arnt” they are truly stupid, not knowing anything of thing worlds life. they say the world was built by man. lies all lies, the world was built by its self, we are killing the world we say that we made, we are killing our self. now take a seat think over what you just read, say “she nuts” say you don’t believe it, but you truly do deep in your heart, you know im right